Most Memorable Cricket Matches

Cricket is so competitive today that deciding which are the most memorable matches can be quite a challenge. Yet there are encounters that always present an opportunity for something memorable. Some encounters are not just matches – they have political and historical meanings. You just need to imagine what would happen when India meets Pakistan – on any occasion – or when England meets Australia – to appreciate the passion that engrosses everybody both on and off the pitch.
India Vs Pakistan

A meeting between these two Asian rivals is never an ordinary match. The political rivalry that the two have always been involved in gets new meaning and the passion is always evident in both the players and the fans.
One such meeting happened in the UAE in 1986. In this match, India were the hot favorites and bowled so well that at some point Pakistan appeared dead and buried. Yet this was not to be. One Pakistani great, the legendary Javed Miandad scored an unbelievable 116 out of 248 in Pakistani’s innings for his team to carry the day.

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