Damage to Cricket over the years

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We might never know when cricket was invented but an undeniable fact is that cricket today has a global following on all continents with superstar players from the most unlikely places. In fact, today, England might have trouble standing up to Zimbabwe.

There are no precise records on when cricket was birthed but there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that it’s a 17th century British creation. Records indicate that the first players were a bunch of bored shepherds who whiled away their time hitting a piece of wood and returning it with a club. By the 1700s however, cricket had created a name for itself and it was so ravishingly popular that in Christian England it was unthinkable for anybody to miss church – but people used to trade church for cricket, for which, naturally, they incurred hefty fines.

Things took a turn in the 18th century with the expansion of the British Empire. Colonists and expatriates took the game with them to their new stations. In a short while, cricket was the game of choice in far-flung British colonies and it would not take too long for the British to be bettered at their own creation.

An article this brief cannot be expected to do justice to the history of cricket but there are a few things that must always be mentioned. Like the Ashes. Why the Ashes?

Back to 1882! England, who were presumably indomitable, hosted their colony Australia at The Oval in London and were given a rude shock. England lost and in typical British humor, newspapers likened the loss to death and went as far as saying that the English body had been burnt into ashes and that the cremation was to take place in Australia. From that day, a meeting between England and Australia has always been called “the Ashes”.

Great names
The number of great players that cricket has produced is rather long but there are some international heroes whom you can’t fail to mention. Sachin Tendulkar from India is the greatest batsman in cricket history and, among other things, got more than 30,000 international runs.

A 19th century hero who was feared beyond measure was WG Grace, famous not only for his batting, but also for his ability to play games with the minds of opposing players.

Today, cricket owns its rightful place in the world arena and all facts point to a sport that is unstoppable.

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