All about Cricket- The favourite sport of the World

Cricket is called gentlemen game which is played with the help of a ball and bat between two players. Every team of cricket has 11 players. Cricket is played on the ground that has a 22-yard long rectangular pitch. Cricket is an international game, and many countries have their cricket teams that contain millions of players.Cricket is the one of the most popular game of the world containing billions of fans from all over the world including Subcontinent, U.K, Australia, England, South Africa and many other countries.

Many People wants to play cricket, but they do not know what things require playing the cricket and how to play cricket. This article contains the basic needs or things that are required to play cricket.

Followings are the some basic things that are required for cricket to play.



Cricket needs some special equipment to play it properly. To start playing cricket, you need at least six stumps, four balls; two cricket bats and a ball are required. Most cricket teams also have a specific uniform for every team.

Stumps and safeguards are composed of wooden pieces that are collected to make the wicket, a standout among the most critical articles in cricket. Setting up wickets is portrayed in more prominent subtle element toward the end of this area.

The cricket bat is a bat made of willow wood that is level on one side and a lump on the other, for quality. The ball should be hit with the level a portion of the bat for the best separation on a hit.

The cricket ball is like a baseball in size and structure, however, is sewn in a straight line as opposed to a tennis ball example, making two equivalent halves of the globe isolated by sewing. Cricket balls are customarily red with white sewing; in now a day’s times, white balls are here and there utilized for better permeability in Limited Over diversions (which for the most part go into the night), where colored uniforms are worn as opposed to the customary white colored uniforms.


The uniform of cricket players mostly comprises of long jeans, a shirt (long sleeve or may be short sleeves) and shoes (usually spike thread shoes are used). Most cricket players wear spikes for better hold on the field. However, it isn’t required. In amusements with a conventional red ball, outfits should dependably be white or grayish. Colored uniforms may be used when playing with a white ball.

The wicket keeper (a ball catcher) is permitted to wear well-being gear like that of a baseball catcher’s: webbed gloves, shin protectors, and a helmet. No other player is permitted to wear defensive gear in the field unless they are near the batsmen in which case they get the opportunity to wear a head protector and shin protectors.

Cricket is requiring a large oval shape field to be played. This field that has a rectangular strip in the center which is approximately 22 yards long known as pitch. A boundary line should be on all outsides of the field.


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